G&G Products injection molding

Design & Prototype Services

A quality finished product is the result of careful planning. At G&G we use our experienced design principles to create prototypes that result in a finished product that meets or exceeds the customer's needs.

We combine modern technology with hands-on experience to provide the best possible value, saving you money up-front and in the production years to come.

  • Design assistance
    A quality product is the result of good design. We can provide design assistance to help attain 3-D models of your parts that are suitable for molding.
  • Attention to detail
    Our attention to detail at the beginning of fabrication for a new design assures that consistent quality will be maintained.
  • Metal mold advantages
    An injection mold device made of metal produces plastic products faster, less expensively, and more consistently.
  • CNC machining
    Using CNC software and equipment, we can machine prototypes in plastic, aluminum, steel, or any other engineering material directly from CAD data.
  • Tough jobs welcome
    We specialize in seeing your project through from prototype to production, using ingenuity to solve new challenges.

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